Tire Tread Pressure Measurement System

PPS’s Tire Tread Pressure Measurement System (TTPMS) is a high-speed (scan rate of up to 220hz) industrial tactile sensor system used by tire manufacturers and automobile manufacturers for capturing static or dynamic tire tread pressure patterns during quality control testing or tire tread design analysis.

TTPMS was designed for tire manufacturers who need to accurately capture the tire/road interface in dynamic, real-world conditions versus the static conditions of a lab where other solutions are often used.  This real-world data capture enables designers to develop the most optimal tire tread patterns to maximize overall tire performance.

The system consists of an industrial tactile sensor, which attaches to a computer with a USB 2.0 interface either directly in one system configuration or via T4500 electronics in another, to run PPS’s Chameleon image capture and analysis software.  This industry-leading software is fully featured which means it can export, replay, save test data, and perform analysis functions.  Chameleon can also record and playback video with your data results for even greater insight and analysis.

Tire Pressure Measurement


Dynamic Tire Tread Measurement System from PPS



    • High resolution highly sensitive and repeatable array sensor allows designers to develop the best tire designs based on highly reliable, high resolution data.
    • High performance capacitive sensing technology saves time and improves results by significantly reducing recalibration and repeated tests allowing developers to resolve problems and answer questions faster. Twice the repeatability, 5x better minimum pressure detection, and 50% better pressure sensing resolution compared to typical resistive tactile sensor technologies.
    • Rugged mounting platform for attaching to other test equipment such as shaker tables to better simulate actual driving conditions.
    • Captures dual external analog voltage signals (-10V to +10V) allows the system to work with other test equipment in the lab.
    • High speed USB 2.0 interface provides up to 220Hz scan rate in one available configuration resulting in latency-free results in a plug and play environment.
    • Chameleon Visualization Software provides intuitive, easy to use, high-quality visualization and easy access to data for analysis and export to other applications. The software is fully featured which means export, replay, save, and analysis functions are included with every system, unlike competitors who require a paid upgrade for these features.

    Tire Tread Pressure Measurement Systems (TTPMS)


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    User Story

    Application: Dynamic Tire Tread Measurements
    Customer: Bridgestone


    • Engineers from a Bridgestone wanted to see the impact from bumps and shakes during actual driving on their tire's contact patch.

    • The application required a sensor that could deliver high resolution while being fast and rugged enough to withstand extreme forces between the sensor and the tire.


    • PPS delivered a high-speed industrial sensor array solution wide enough to accommodate a full-sized automobile tire, durable enough to handle the extreme shear forces generated during shaking, and fast enough to accurately capture the dynamic changes in the tread patterns.


    • The system included integrated signal conditioning electronics which processed the data at a frame rate of over 200 Hz to fully capture the applied impulses.  

    • Chameleon software allowed client engineers to visualize the footprint in real-time with synchronized video while capturing the entire data stream for further analysis.