Finger TPS | Finger and Hand Pressure Measurement

The FingerTPS is a set of wearable finger sensors that enable you to measure grip, touch, and other hand forces. A more affordable alternative to the TactileGlove, this easy-to-use system captures high-quality data in a natural and organic form-factor.


  • Design or research with accurate, sensitive and repeatable data even for complex finger geometry

  • Comfortable and minimally-intrusive system allows for full range of motion and ensures natural hand manipulation research

  • Plug and play—no configuration needed. Just put it on your hand, calibrate the sensors and Chameleon auto-detects your hand configuration.

  • Compact wireless Bluetooth electronics provides simple and easy to use set up with minimal wires.

  • Connect two wrist assemblies at the same for two handed operations.

Spec Sheet


The FingerTPS quantifies pressure distribution to optimize the ergonomics of gripped or handheld products. You can use the FingerTPS to quantify the effort exerted while gripping, grasping, or performing other hand tasks. Comfortably and naturally capture data with a full range of motion, performing actions as you normally would. High-resolution data measurement, best in class sensors, and ease of use make this one of the best hand measurement systems for engineers, designers, and researchers.


  • Fingertip Pressure Profiling

  • Ergonomic Keyboard Design

  • Manually Operated Port / Fitting Design (Measuring Stress on Fingers From Plugging in Ports and Mechanical Fittings)

  • Touch Interfaces Between People and Machines

  • Robotic Tactile Sensing

  • Grip Profiling