TactileMat - Pressure Mapping Mat

The TactileMat is a rigid and robust pressure sensing pad that is of the largest, high-resolution pressure mapping sensors on the market. The use of a large area sensor like the TactileMat allows you to capture dynamic pressure over a larger area without the dead zones typically associated with trying to use multiple smaller sensors side-by-side. This is one of the largest pressure mats on the market.

Key Features

  • Large pressure mapping surface area (220 mm x 450 mm)

  • Rigid, robust, and can be built in various full scale ranges (FSR) up to 188 psi FSR

  • Waterproof IP53+ (Can be special ordered to higher water-proofing upon request)

  • Slim construction (7.69 mm) with a non-slip base

  • Array Size = 44 x 90, element size = 5 mm x 5 mm