TactileGlove - Hand Pressure Measurement

The TactileGlove is a tactile pressure sensor gloves with embedded sensing elements throughout the palm and fingers, allowing for natural and accurate testing of pressures applied to and exerted by the hand. Nearly any hand operation can be measured accurately through 65 individual sensing elements within the glove. Wireless and battery powered, this is the only glove sensor on the market that both allows for full range of motion and creates an organic testing environment. High-resolution pressure sensing and mapping enable you to research and develop human movements, comfort, and ergonomics through visual feedback of hand interactions.


  • Ensure a natural test environment with the only glove hand sensor on the market

  • Comfortable to wear and no adhesives or wires to get in your way

  • High-resolution, sensitive sensors detect even the lowest pressures (0.1oz/3g)

  • Meant to handle the real world. It’s wireless and battery powered

  • Delivered in pairs (Left + Right). Available in small, medium, large, and extra-large see: sizing chart


Product Description

The TactileGlove provides a sharp improvement in sensor measurement involving human hand and finger movements. Both simple and complex hand operations can be measured accurately and dynamically through multiple high-resolution small sensor arrays. Sixty-five elements across the hand, fingers, and palm, embedded within a wireless glove allows for reliable and repeatable pressure distribution measurement. High-resolution pressure sensing and mapping enable you to research and develop human movements, comfort, and ergonomics through visual feedback of hand interactions. The accompanying Chameleon Software captures and records live data to provide both numeric and visual representation of pressures on the hand.


Understand and optimize worker exertion while performing hand actions. Measure force and exertion required to cutting metal with shears, strip wire, perform fine assembly tasks, and more. Understand points of high exertion within your process, and optimize your labor force to reduce potential injury.

Manufacturing Safety & Workers’ Comp Assessment:

  • Understanding work activities to prevent injury

  • Grasp force required to use power tools

  • Grasp force required for fine motor activities such as using dental tools

  • Determining if tool modification reduces effort required

  • Quantifying hand strength for return-to-work assessments

Product Ergonomic Design:

  • Quantify what forces people use naturally

  • Determining upper and lower limits of forces generated by the hand

  • Quantify effort to use tools for human factors & ergonomic designs

  • Correlate “feel” of a product in response to controlled design changes

  • Understand hand interactions with competitive products

Grip Force In Shear Usage

Grip Force In Shear Usage

Quantify Grip Force

Quantify Grip Force

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the minimum force sensitivity and mass that the TactileGlove can detect?

The minimum force that each individual TactileGlove Fingertip Element (38 mm²) can detect is 0.04 N.

2. Is the TactileGlove waterproof?

No, the TactileGlove is not waterproof.

3. Does the TactileGlove stretch to accommodate variations in hand size and shape?

The four sizes are carefully designed to cover hand sizes across a broad spectrum. Please choose the correct size based on your hand dimensions.

4. Does the TactileGlove measure pressure or force?

TactileGlove is calibrated in units of pressure (i.e., psi or N/cm²). Force values are calculated using the known area of the sensor element.

5. Can the TactileGlove detect fast impact loads?

We do not recommend using the TactileGlove for impact applications.

6. How often does the TatcileGlove require calibration?

The capacitive based sensing modality of PPS sensors results in an extremely stable sensor with superior repeatability. With proper use and care, the TactileGlove should retain its calibration for years.