The TactArray

TactArrays are our flagship pressure mapping sensors and cover a larger area DigiTacts. TactArrays are designed to perform in even the most complex situations. Taking on the form factor of a thin sheet, they can be molded and stretched around complex shapes and operate even in extreme temperatures and pressure requirements.

The Conformable Tactarray

The Conformable TactArray (CTA) is an ~1mm thick flexible sensor. Constructed from soft, conductive cloth, the CTA can wrap and mold around complex 3-dimensional and multi-faceted surfaces. Available in multiple sizes and configurations.


Industrial tactarray

Engineered for even the most extreme conditions, the Industrial TactArray excels in temperatures between -40° C and 200° C, and in pressures up to 700 psi.


hybrid tactarray

This sensor retains some flexibility but also has the rigidness to securely lie flat for mounting or integration of the sensor onto an object. The Hybrid TactArray offers a similar resolution and performance to the Conformable TactArray, in a more rigid form-factor.


stretchable tactarray

The Stretchable TactArray is a flexible pressure sensor pad that can stretch up to 10% while still maintaining high data quality. This sensor is engineered from a soft and conductive silver-metalized Spandex and is approximately 3mm thick.