Body Pressure Mapping Sensors

measure, map, and refine pressures exerted on or by the human body

Our range of body pressure mapping systems and sensors enable you to accurately and repeatedly quantify pressure exerted on the human body. From testing the comfort and fit of a product to quantifying the force used by specific tasks, our sensors are helping improve products and processes every day. Our systems allow you to measure and map pressures exerted nearly anywhere on the human body. From large, flat sensors for mapping pressure on seats and feet, to conformable and moldable sensors for mapping pressure across complex surfaces like the ear or head, we have something tailored to your needs. Specialty sensors like our TactileGlove enable specialized data capture of force exerted from any task performed by the hand, and the TactileHead captures pressure data across the head.



Head pressure measurement, mapping, and analysis

  • A customizable pressure measurement and mapping system for quantifying pressures exerted on the head from wearable head products.

  • Quickly and repeatedly assess the ergonomics of products placed on the head. Headphones, hearing protection, earmuffs, headbands, and more can now be quantitatively measured for comfort.

  • Accurately map, measure, and refine head pressures with the TactileHead to deliver a product with maximum comfort.



An easy-to-use sensor system for quantifying pressures on the hand and palm

  • Visualize and quantify human hand interactions and finger movements. Excellent for grip pressure/force assessment.

  • Accurately measure both simple and complex hand operations through high-resolution sensor arrays.

  • 65 sensing elements embedded within a wireless glove allows you to reliably and repeatably measure and map pressure distribution.

  • Research human hand interactions or develop more usable and comfortable products comfort, and ergonomics through visual feedback of hand interactions.



A simple sensor system for measuring and mapping contact pressures on the fingers

  • A set of wearable finger sensors that enable you to measure grip, touch, and other hand forces.

  • Easy-to-use and captures high quality data in a natural and organic form-factor.

  • A more affordable alternative to the TactileGlove.


Wrist Sensor

A wearable sensor for measuring and mapping forces from watches, wristbands, and more

  • Designed to be worn on the wrist to provide accurate capture of pressures exerted on the wrist.

  • Thin, fabric-like sensor provides a minimally-invasive method to measuring the contact pressure of any device or product worn on the wrist.

  • Map and measure the pressures/comfort of watch bands, wristbands, activity trackers, and more.

  • Identify areas of high-pressures or discomfort, and improve your product in quantitative, measurable way.



our largest and most versatile pressure mapping mat

  • A rigid and robust pressure sensing pad that is of the largest, high-resolution pressure mapping sensors on the market.

The professional and high-quality work on the sensors delivered is really impressive. Great stuff.
— Eric Savitsky, CEO of Sonosim