Our network of expert global distributors offer top notch one-on-one support. Contact one near you to find the best tactile sensor solution for your engineering business needs.

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PPS UK - United Kingdom 

PPS UK is the R&D center for the PPS family of companies and the sales and marketing office in the EU, empowering PPS to extend its success in the U.S. and Asia into Europe.

Contact Person: Dr Charles MacLeod
Phone: 0141 303 8260


PPS Korea - South-East Asia

PPS Korea is our exclusive distributor for the commercial markets in Korea, India, Singapore, etc.

Contact Person: David Hong
Email: david.hong@pressureprofile.com 
Phone: +82.2.2622.8555

Syscom - Japan

SysCom is our exclusive distributor in Japan with strong ties to manufacturing, robotics and academic institutions. 

Contact Person: Fujimi Sakamoto
Email: sakamoto@syscom-inc.co.jp
Phone: 03.6907.9105

Super Tooling Limited - China & Hong Kong

Super Tooling is our exclusive distributor for the commercial markets in China and Hong Kong.

Contact Person: C.J. Lo
Email: cjlo@supertooling.com
Phone: 86 138 288 323 72