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We have been an innovator and partner to numerous successful medical projects over the past 20 years. Our patented technology enables new possibilities in the medical space, and our team has the experience and expertise to effectively integrate tactile sensing for breakthroughs in medical advancement. Whether you are looking to simply integrating our sensors for data capture, or looking for an agile, knowledgeable partner to take you from concept to creation, we’re here to help.

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Pulse Development Kit

MEasure and analyze pulse waveforms

  • A simple, non-invasive means for capturing pulse pressure waveforms, eliminating the need for cumbersome equipment such as cuffs and chest straps.

  • Capture high-fidelity pulse and waveform data enabling the analysis of sophisticated cardiovascular data.

  • Designed for use in the next generation of smart apparel and accessories, fitness and health monitoring equipment, and ambulatory medical monitoring.




an fda approved, radiation-free, breast lesion detection system

SureTouch is an FDA cleared device that uses a PPS technology to detect breast masses including breast cancer. SureTouch detects abnormal masses in the breast by identifying masses that are harder than the surrounding breast tissue; cancer is very hard compared to normal breast tissue.

The key to the SureTouch device are the PPS tactile sensors in the sensor module. These sensors were developed to be ultra-sensitive and accurate.



a high-resolution esophagus catheter

ManoScan™ ESO high resolution manometry catheters are a past PPS collaboration allowing for the capture of a complete physiological map from the pharynx to the stomach. The catheters create a pressure image using 36 channels of measurement over time.



a non-invasive carpal-tunnel-syndrome treatment device

Wrist-Aid MD is a simple non-invasive orthotic medical device attached to the wrist and designed to alleviate carpal tunnel syndrome by applying tension to the underlying tissue to which it is attached. To better quantify these pressures and improve the design of the device, the Wrist-Aid team used a DigiTacts sensor (model 6383, 55x30mm) to capture the pressures between a patient's wrist and the device. The DigiTacts pressure sensor identified areas of increased pressure on the edges of the device and quantified the typical tension applied along the center. Currently undergoing clinical trials, Wrist-Aid is a promising product to help alleviate symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which strikes millions of patients each year.

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