Industrial TactArray

The Industrial TactArray is a flat sensor that can capture and map pressure distribution in even the most extreme conditions. Constructed from high-quality Kapton or Polyimide, the Industrial TactArray can pressure distribution of up to 700 psi and in temperatures between -40° C and 200° C. This system is best suited for use in applications requiring tactile sensors that can withstand extremely high temperatures and pressures—like heat presses, brake pads, and nip rollers.

Key Features

  • High-resolution sensor arrays can measure pressure distribution at levels of up to 700 psi and retain performance characteristics in temperatures between -40° C and 200° C

  • Real-time thermal compensation ensures accurate measurements even under changing temperature conditions

  • Ultra-thin construction, 0.3 mm thick, and high-resolution sensing elements

  • Can accommodate moderate flexing and bending

  • Available in multiple sizes and configurations

  • Chameleon Visualization Software provides intuitive, easy to use, high-quality visualization and easy access to data for analysis and export to other applications

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