Stretchable TactArray

The Stretchable TactArray is a flexible pressure sensor pad engineered from a soft and conductive silver-metalized Spandex. The Stretchable TactArray can stretch up to 10% and be folded in multiple directions while still maintaining high data quality. This sensor is approximately 3-7 mm thick and is best suited for dynamic curvature applications such as seats, horseback saddles and other applications where sensor thickness is not an issue.

Key Features

  • Stretch this sensor up to 10% while maintaining accurate data

  • Can be used on objects with dynamic, multi-directional curvature (e.g., heads, spheres, computer mouse)

  • Ideal for applications where the sensor will be flexed or deformed through use, such as seat cushions, mattresses, or clothing

  • Capture high quality pressure data between pressures of 5 psi to 50 psi and within temperature ranges of –20° to 50°C

  • Comes standard with Chameleon Visualization Software, and is available in many sizes and configurations

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  • Measuring or mapping the pressure profile of deformable objects such as seats or horseback saddles, where structure changes due to the applied load

  • Measuring pressure of two soft objects pressing against each other, and thus flexing the sensor in between