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WHAT IS Pressure Mapping?

Pressure mapping is simply the measurement and visual reporting of pressure between two contacting surfaces.   In many applications, like in the medical field, pressure mapping technology is used to visualize the contact pressure distribution between the human body and a supporting surface such a seat or a mattress.

There are many uses for pressure mapping in the design and manufacturing of wearable products where comfort and fit are important.  The ergonomics or “feel” of a product are critical in the development of products that repeatedly and frequently come into contact with the body.  

PPS Pressure Mapping System

The PPS Pressure Mapping System allows users to visualize contact pressure between the body and wearable products or support surfaces. With a PPS pressure mapping interface, product designers and researchers alike can now quantify and visualize the “feel” of a wearable product or body supporting surface.

We create pressure sensing and visualization systems that are both highly accurate and precise to provide the feedback and measurement designers require.  Additionally, the contact pressure analysis solutions we create are able to withstand the rigors of testing in both the laboratory and in the field.

We went around looking for tactile sensor technologies, but the only sensor we found that could satisfy our requirement was PPS sensor.

— Prof. Samir N. Y. Gerges Ph.D. from Federal University of Santa Catarina

PPS has worked closely with many research and development teams to design custom tactile sensing systems and each has been successfully deployed and tested in real-world environments. PPS’s proprietary capacitive sensing technology and full featured visualization and analysis software have provided high-quality results in a wide variety of settings and applications. From head to foot, PPS’s pressure mapping products have met the needs of a wide variety of world-class companies.

User Stories

Application: Diaper Fit
Customer: P&G


  • Measuring fit of a garment against the skin is difficult due to the complex shapes involved.
  • P&G needed a tactile sensor solution capable of measuring the fit of a baby diaper.


  • PPS’s delivered a TactArray solution comprising of molded conformable sensing bands for the waist and legs.


  • P&G was able to validate the integrity of a diaper seal on a mannequin.

  • Chameleon software provided 3-D tactile representation of the infant-sized mannequin.

  • Data quality was not compromised due to the curved surface requirements.

Application: Fruit Ripeness in Squeezing
Customer: Major Avocado Grower


  • We use our sense of touch at the market to determine which fruits are ripe and good to eat.

  • The customer wanted to quantify the ideal softness for an avocado.


  • The FingerTPS system was able to capture hardness or softness from a human hand squeeze.


  • FingerTPS captured tactile data from a human squeezing an avocado to determine if it was hard, meaning tough texture and flavorless taste, or if the person found one with just the right amount of softness to feel buttery and taste delicious in the mouth.