T4500 Electronics for TactArray Solutions

PPS’s T4500 signal conditioning electronics is a high-performance drive electronics that reliably detects the tiniest changes in TactArray sensors capacitance. These changes can be as low as 1 femtofarad. By providing such excellent sensitivity and reliability, the T4500 electronics enables the outstanding pressure sensing resolution that drives PPS’s TactArray instrumentation solutions.

Designed to attach to a computer via high-speed USB 2.0 interface, T4500 interface electronics offers programmable re-configurability to handle many different sensor sizes and supports up to 1,024 sensing elements per each electronics with sampling speed of up to 10 kHz element-to-element.

T4500 Electronics

  • Is Small and portable

  • Features USB 2.0 power connection that eliminates need for separate electrical power source

  • Drives all PPS TactArray Sensors (via Chameleon software)

  • Delivers up to up to 1,024 sensing elements capacity

  • Enables hardware synchronization for parallel scanning of larger arrays

  • Supports integrated real-time thermal compensation. As a result, testing with TactArray instrumentation solutions can be done accurately under changing temperature conditions

  • Introduces faster setup and 2X the speed of the previous T4000 electronics version.


T4500 Spec Sheet

D710 Electronics For Digitacts Based Systems

PPS’s D710 compact wireless Bluetooth interface electronics provides simple and easy to use set up with minimal wires to encumber all PPS’s Digitacts based instrumentation solutions including DigiTacts Full Systems, PulseTact Development Kit, FingerTPS, Door Handle Pressure Mapping Systems and the Foot Pressure Mapping systems.

The D710 electronics converts the Digitacts sensor output from I2C and/or SPI electrical interfaces into Bluetooth. By doing so, the D710 enables Digitacts systems to connect to a computer via Bluetooth interface and run PPS’s Chameleon Tactile Visualization and Acquisition software.

D710 Electronics…

  • Significantly improved Bluetooth range and connection stability

  • Provides 6-8 hours of battery life on full charge with battery level monitor

  • Is rechargeable via any USB connection

  • Converts all DigiTacts sensor outputs (either I2C and/or SPI protocols) into Bluetooth interface.

D710 Spec Sheet