Pressure Profile Systems Advances its Wireless Tactile Force Measurement System

The newly enhanced FingerTPS II offers even more for force measurements of human hands

Los Angeles, California (September 6, 2011) –  Pressure Profile Systems (PPS) announces its newly enhanced FingerTPS II (Finger Tactile Pressure Sensor), a wireless tactile grasp force measurement system. The FingerTPS II system uses highly sensitive, capacitive-based pressure sensors to reliably quantify forces applied by the human hand. It is the only practical, user configurable, comfortable sensor solution that also connects wirelessly to a PC.


● New Sensor Materials and Construction for better fit, comfort, and more accurate data collection

● New Algorithms and Reference Sensor streamlines and simplifies the calibration process

● New Encasing and Stand system for better sensor protection and storage

● New Full Tactile Glove configuration option available

● Faster and Easier Installation and Set-Up

 FingerTPS systems are used in a wide-range of applications including ergonomics, medical, and consumer product design. Product designers use the FingerTPS sensors to measure finger or grasp forces in activities like squeezing and opening bottles, or operating hand tools and machinery. Medical practitioners use the system to study chiropractic and massage therapy techniques, as well as finger/hand pressures applied during surgical procedures. FingerTPS customers use collected data to analyze and improve techniques and/or designs their applications.

“We are excited to introduce a number of key enhancements to our existing wireless tactile grasp force measurement system, the FingerTPS II. We made improvements to the installation, set-up, operation, and data collection of an already user-friendly sensor system,” says Founder and CEO, Jae Son, Ph.D.


The sensors are made from a soft, conductive Lycra® that conform and stretch to varying finger shapes and movements. They are comfortable-to-wear and available in different sizes for the Finger Tips, Palm, and Inner Phalanges.

PPS’ Chameleon TVR™ (Tactile Visualization and Recording) software offers real-time visualization, analysis, and playback of the FingerTPS II data.


Auto-Detects Sensor connections across all available channels

Simple, One-Touch Calibration procedure

DVR®-like capabilities with integrated video synchronizes actions to analytical data

The enhanced FingerTPS II System is available for purchase now. PPS also offers custom sensor design configurations or full Tactile Glove integration to meet your requirements. For a demonstration or for more information about the enhanced FingerTPS II System, please email or contact Huan Tran at  310.641.8100.

 About Pressure Profile Systems

Pressure Profile Systems, Inc. (PPS) is a leading tactile pressure sensor company that has successfully creates products and implements measurement and instrumentation solutions in the fields of Manufacturing Processes, Medical Devices, Consumer Electronics, and Robotics. Founded in 1996 by Harvard University Robotics Lab alumni and based in Los Angeles, California, PPS’ mission is to improve, innovate, and create new products utilizing capacitive pressure sensing technology. What sets PPS apart from other sensor companies is our expertise in hardware and software development and system integration. For more information, please visit

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