Welcome to the New-and-Improved Capturing the Sense of Touch Blog!

In our quest to educate and inspire current and future customers, Pressure Profile Systems (PPS) is pleased to announce the launch of our revamped, rejuvenated blog.

Dedicated to exploring various facets of tactile pressure-measurement systems, this blog will delve into such topics as the advantages and disadvantages of capacitive tactile sensor technology, pressure mapping, technical tradeoffs in sensor design, material selection, emerging tactile sensing technologies, and more. In addition, we’ll highlight some real-world application stories that demonstrate how tactile pressure-measurement systems are enabling the development of groundbreaking medical products for cancer detection, gastrointestinal imaging, biomechanics, and orthopedics.

Among our main objectives with this blog is to engage and connect on a deeper level with the communities that we serve. With this goal in mind, we invite you to comment on posts and share your insights about tactile pressure-measurement systems. We also encourage you to submit questions or topics that we can explore in future posts.

PPS specializes in developing the most-advanced instrumentation for measuring distributed tactile and contact pressures, and we’re looking forward to discussing with you the challenges and benefits of capturing the sense of touch.