TactileHead Pressure Measurement System

The TactileHead Pressure Measurement System is a measurement system that can assess the pressures (and therefore the comfort) of a given headphone or hearing protection design or configuration.

For headset and hearing protection manufacturers who try in their design to balance the most effective product with the most comfortable fit, the TactileHead is a measurement instrument that can accurately capture and visualize the interaction between the headset and the complex shapes of the head by imaging the applied pressures. Other competing tactile sensor systems do not have the sensitivity or resolution to measure very low pressures, which are characteristic of the different subtle pressures that headphone designs can exhibit. The TactileHead sensors resolve to pressures lower than 10 Pa as required by this type of application, conforming to complex shapes around the ear without sacrificing accuracy or repeatability performance.

The system consists of five possible sensor configurations as well as head/plate mannequin fixture with adjustable width mechanism. Using the included T4500 interface electronics with USB 2.0 to attach to a computer, the system runs PPS’s Chameleon image capture and analysis software. This industry-leading software is fully featured which means it can export replay, save test data, and perform analysis functions.  Chameleon can also record and playback video with your data results for even greater insight and analysis.

TactileHead Pressure Measurement


Quantifying Headset Comfort with PPS TactArray Sensors



  • Single un-mounted conformable sensor with an opening to allow for installation over the ear or capture pressure distribution around the ear on actual human subjects.
  • Single un-mounted conformable sensor can capture pressure distribution on top of the head, against the ear or at other areas of interest on actual human subjects.
  • Head/plate mannequin fixture with adjustable width mechanisms can simulate different head sizes for broader scope of captured data.  One high-resolution TactileHead sensor array can be molded to the curved area around the ear of the mannequin, while another high-resolution TactileHead sensor can be mounted to the mannequin’s flat plate to provide a controlled comparison between flat and curved surfaces.
  • High performance capacitive sensing technology saves time and improves results by significantly reducing recalibration and repeated tests allowing developers to resolve problems and answer questions faster. Twice the repeatability, 5x better minimum pressure detection, and 50% better pressure sensing resolution compared to typical resistive tactile sensor technologies.
  • Chameleon Visualization Software provides intuitive, easy to use, high-quality visualization, and easy access to data for analysis and export to other applications. The software is fully featured which means export, replay, save, and analysis functions are included with every system, unlike competitors who require a paid upgrade for these features.

Sample Display Data: Flat/Curved Surface


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User Story

Application: Headset Pressures
Customer: Federal University of Santa Catarina


  • Professor Samir Gerges, a world leading expert in earmuffs and headset evaluation, looked for highly sensitive sensors that could measure contact pressures on the human head.


  • The only sensor technology that could meet his requirements was PPS’s technology.

  • PPS sensors not only resolved to pressures lower than 10 Pa but could also conform to complex shapes around the ear without sacrificing accuracy or repeatability performance.


  • Professor Gerges was able to accurately capture and visualize the pressure
  • Interaction between the headset and the complex shapes of the head.
  • PPS solution enabled him to balance headset effectiveness with comfort.