Spray Pattern Sensor System

The Spray Pattern Sensor is a first-of-its-kind, large, high-speed sensor mat designed to visualize and characterize accumulated fluid deposition information for spray processes and is able to identify where a sprayed fluid or gas actually lands.

The Spray Pattern Sensor was designed for manufacturing, process engineers, and researchers who are working with spray and/or coating processes involving very fine mists and who need to understand specific spray patterns as part of a manufacturing or coating process to control the quality of the finished product. Other customers include Product designers tasked to meet product requirements for a specific spray pattern of a nozzle or other spray products.  The Spray Pattern Sensor System provides precision and real-time measurement to help eliminate the guesswork and speed up development time. Many spray process requirements are met only through “trial and error”, needing numerous adjustments to achieve a desired result.  These adjustments can slow development time and productivity. 

PPS’s spray pattern sensors address this problem using customized tactarray sensors.  It is the first sensing solution for digitizing, visualizing, and quantifying fluid deposition patterns that can enable real-time feedback and electronic records for comparison and analysis, providing new levels of insight into spray and coating processes.

The system utilizes a waterproofed Spray Pattern Sensor Mat with USB 2.0 interface that connects to a computer running PPS’s Chameleon image capture and analysis software.  This industry-leading software is fully featured which means it can export replay, save test data, and perform analysis functions.  Chameleon can also record and playback video with your data results for even greater insight & analysis.

Spray Pattern Measurement System


Spray Pattern Sensor System Measures Fluid Deposition


  • High resolution array sensor images the amount of fluid deposited over an area and provides instantaneous feedback for quick adjustments or analysis of effects such as dripping or pooling to improve spray process or spray nozzle design.
  • Ability to measure fluid deposition, even for applications in which the pressure is infinitesimal, such as the light mist emitted by a perfume atomizer or when there is no pressure associated with the spray.
  • Waterproofed Sensor Mat capable of providing valuable data under any spray process conditions. This data shortens development time and helps improve the quality and cost of products and processes.
  • High performance capacitive sensing technology saves time and improves results by significantly reducing recalibration and repeated tests allowing developers to resolve problems and answer questions faster.
  • High speed USB 2.0 interface provides latency-free results in a plug and play environment.
  • Chameleon Visualization Software provides intuitive, easy to use, high-quality visualization and easy access to data for analysis and export to other applications.   The software is fully featured which means export, replay, save and analysis functions are included with every system, unlike competitors who require a paid upgrade for these features.

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