Pulse Sensor Development Kit

PPS’s Pulse Sensor Development Kit provides a simple, non-invasive means for capturing pulse pressure waveforms while eliminating the need for cumbersome equipment such as cuffs or chest straps.  This kit is intended for developers who wish to incorporate PPS’s pulse sensors and waveform software into the design of their product. Licensing arrangements for the embedded sensors and software is negotiated independent of the purchase of this kit.


Tactile Pressure Pulse Sensor

Pulse Sensor Development Kit with Multiple Sensor Designs



  • Small, non-Invasive system for capturing high-fidelity pulse waveform and blood pressure data without precisely positioning the sensor eliminates the need for cumbersome equipment and makes this technology ideal for wearable health monitoring devices in this field.
  • Highly-sensitive with acquisition rates greater than 100 Hz, fast enough for complex health applications.
  • First Multi-Element sensor used for health monitoring. No need for precise positioning.
  • Advanced algorithm identifies and extracts the strongest pulse waveform from available sensing elements.
  • SPI or I2C serial digital sensor output for OEM integration, allowing customers to choose the ideal sensor technology for embedded applications where blood and pulse wave pressure measurement is required.
  • Custom API allows customers to develop their own algorithms for their specific requirements. 
  • Sensitive enough to capture high-fidelity pulse waveform data, which allows the calculation of blood pressure and/or other advanced cardiovascular metrics.
  • High performance capacitive sensing technology saves time and improves results by significantly reducing recalibration and repeated tests allowing developers to resolve problems and answer questions faster. Twice the repeatability, 5x better minimum pressure detection, and 50% better pressure sensing resolution compared to typical resistive tactile sensor technologies.

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