PPS Wins Third Award In A Month



Los Angeles, CA (September 29, 2017) – PPS and Supreme Corporation, innovators of SmartVest that captures impact forces from law enforcement personnel while serving in the field, received the ShowStopper Award – the third prestigious award PPS wins this month - at the 2017 Industrial Fabrics Association International Conference in New Orleans. 

More than 500,000 police officers currently use bullet proof vests in the U.S. Supreme Corporation recently approached PPS to develop the world’s first smart protective vest for law enforcement personnel. To address this challenge, PPS turned Supreme Corporation’s VOLT Smart Yarns into an Impact Sensor and developed the SmartVest, a revolutionary smart protective vest that features a tactile sensor with six sensing elements and an IMU (Acc & Gyro) and detects in real time when an officer in the field is down or at risk. SmartVest technology seamlessly integrates into the vest, is battery powered and compact, and capable of transmitting information wirelessly in real time.

“Whether it’s head, body, hands or foot, PPS sensors capture human contact pressures accurately and reliably from head to toe." said Dr. Jae Son, PPS Founder & CEO.

Dr. Jae Son, PPS Founder & CEO, and Matt Kolmes, Supreme Corporation CEO, shaking hands with the award.

Dr. Jae Son, PPS Founder & CEO, and Matt Kolmes, Supreme Corporation CEO, shaking hands with the award.

“We are proud of our partnership with PPS. This SmartVest has the potential to dramatically reduce the number of police officers injured in duty as well as save lives”, said Matt Kolmes, Supreme Corporation CEO. 

The development of SmartVest continues to add innovative features applicable to various industries and uses. Future version is expected to include automated real time reporting to the police controller over cellular network and differentiate different types of impacts such as bullets or blunt instrument. For more information, visit www.pps.us or contact Eli Yered at eli@pressureprofile.com or 323-325-4757.

About PPS

Founded over 20 years ago as Pressure Profile Systems, Inc. to addresstactile sensors for robotics at Harvard University, PPS has expanded to develop innovative solutions involving the sense of touch for fortune 500 companies as well as incubating useful sensor-based products.

About Supreme Corporation

Supreme engineers highly technical yarns, fabrics, clothing and products made at our vertical facility under our Tuff-N-Lite brand name with remarkable Cut, Slash, & Abrasion resistance and FR, Cooling, Anti-Ballistic, and Antimicrobial properties. Our new Division, Volt Smart Yarns harnesses the power of highly conductive copper wires to deliver yarns and sewing threads that are poised to change the world and what is possible in Smart Textiles.