Pressure Profile Systems, Inc. (PPS) Announces Appointment of Howard Goldberg as Executive Vice President of Operations

Former President of Interlink Electronics (LINK) and DEX to Head PPS Manufacturing Operations

Los Angeles, CA – April 11, 2016 – Pressure Profile Systems, Inc. (PPS), the world-leader in distributed pressure sensing technologies for OEM products and instrumentation, today announced that it had appointed Dr. Howard Goldberg as its Executive Vice President of Operations. In his new role, Dr. Goldberg will head manufacturing operations, manage the production of tactile sensors for a wide range of products, and drive the expansion of PPS sales globally. 

“Howard brings two decades of executive leadership and experience in operations management, sales and marketing, and product and business development. His proven track record in commercializing new products across a wide range of industries will play a key role in advancing our product developments from design to manufacturing and in empowering PPS to continue to build momentum and become one of the largest tactile sensor manufacturers in the world.” says Dr. Jae Son, founder and CEO of PPS. 

Dr. Goldberg is the former President and COO of Interlink Electronics (OTC: LINK) where he achieved 36% increase in 2014 revenue. Prior to Interlink, he was the President of Supply-Chain Services for DEX, Inc., a high-tech product repair and supply-chain solutions to Fortune-500 clients. Dr. Goldberg was accountable for global P&L, operations, and engineering for 7 ISO-certified plants located in 5 countries. Prior to DEX, Dr. Goldberg was EVP of Business & Operations for Colibrys, Inc. (formerly Applied MEMS, Inc.) which offered micro-machined silicon smart-sensor solutions that revolutionized energy exploration, defense and aerospace, process control, and telecommunications industries. He successfully drove efforts to evolve the company from an R&D center, to Business Unit, to ultimate spin-off and acquisition by a Swiss parent  company to become its North American regional headquarters. 

Dr. Goldberg holds both a Ph.D. and M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan with an emphasis in MEMS sensor technologies. He also did his post-doctoral research in MEMS at MIT and  he is a co-inventor on ten patents. 

“Whether it introduces a new breast-screening standard, provides innovative ways consumers can monitor their blood pressure in a watch, or giving robotic grippers the ‘sense of touch’, PPS technologies deliver countless growth opportunities to improve the world. I am proud to become a part of PPS.” says Howard Goldberg, PPS’ new Executive Vice President of Operations.

About Pressure Profile Systems

Pressure Profile Systems (PPS) develops tactile sensors to capture pressure distribution as research tools and enable the "sense of touch" for OEM products in order to help companies create innovative and successful products.  Specifically, we help companies develop innovative products that harness the sense of touch for medical devices, robotics, ergonomics, automotive applications, industrial and consumer electronics products. Our customers include world leaders such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, J&J, RedBull and many other Fortune 500 companies.  Here are some cool projects that we’ve worked on in the past.