Ultra-thin, Single-Element Miniature Force Sensors from PPS Deliver Incredible Performance

PPS Unveils SingleTact: the World’s first Capacitive Miniature Force Sensor

Los Angeles, CA – December 3, 2015 – Pressure Profile Systems, Inc. (PPS), a world-leading tactile sensor design and manufacturing company, today unveiled the SingleTact, a high performance miniature capacitive force sensor that delivers superior sensitivity and repeatability over resistive force sensors. 
Existing state of the art miniature force sensors have limited performance in sensitivity and repeatability. SingleTact was designed to address just that. It is an ultra-thin, single-element capacitive sensor that accurately and reliably quantifies forces and delivers incredible performance including less than 1% repeatability errors in addition to being more than 3X the sensitivity of resistive force sensors.

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 “It is remarkable how our sensor technology advanced from my Harvard days two decades ago when we developed tactile sensors for robotic applications. To date, our sensors have been primarily used by Fortune 500 companies but now with SingleTact, every engineer, whether a university student, government institute or a commercial company is able to capture force data more accurately and reliably than ever before“, says Dr. Jae Son, Founder and CEO of PPS.

SingleTact empowers engineers to develop innovative products and projects where precise and reliable force measurements are required using open source software and firmware. A complete turn-key solution is available to engineers wishing to collect force data either in analog or digital configuration, while the versatile SingleTact interface board, which allows easy analog or digital I2C integration, can be customized for engineer’s own application. A choice of six sensor configurations is provided including 8mm and 15mm diameter sensors and a variety of force ranges from 100 grams to 45kg full scale.

SingleTact is ideal for OEM customers wishing to provide the "sense of touch" to innovative products they are developing. The core technology has been implemented in various cutting edge products. Standard SingleTact configurations can be evaluated quickly using turn-key data collection solution featuring open source sample code for Arduino and Windows PC application, while custom designed sensors are available for meeting specific OEM application requirements. Nearly 20 years of proven track record in developing capacitive tactile sensors allow PPS to successfully work with OEM customers through all stages of development from sensor design to the manufacturing of millions of SingleTact force sensors.

“SingleTact makes our sensor technology more accessible. It is a lot simpler and more affordable than any other sensor we ever developed before, while maintaining our sensor performance heritage. Using SingleTact, OEM customers can develop more innovative products and make a positive impact on the world“, Dr. Son added.

The newly-developed SingleTact Miniature Force Sensors are available for purchase starting at $19.95 on http://www.singletact.com. For more information, feel free to contact us at info@singletact.com.       

About Pressure Profile Systems

Pressure Profile Systems (PPS) www.pressureprofile.com develops tactile sensors to capture pressure distribution as research tools and enable the "sense of touch" for OEM products in order to help companies create innovative and successful products.  Specifically, we help companies develop innovative products that harness the sense of touch for medical devices www.suretouch.us, robotics, ergonomics, automotive applications, industrial and consumer electronics products. Our customers include world leaders such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, J&J, RedBull and many other Fortune 500 companies. 

About SingleTact

SingleTact www.singletact.com is the most refined miniature force sensor that is performance oriented. It is an ultra-thin, single-element capacitive sensor with industry-leading sensitivity and repeatability that accurately and reliably quantifies forces. SingleTact provides the following features and benefits:

  • Ultra-thin force sensors come in sizes of 8mm and 15mm diameter that is only 0.35mm thick.
  • Highly sensitive provide high dynamic range. 
  • Sensor Repeatability errors less than 1%.
  • Simple Analog 3-wire interface for immediate DAQ integration.
  • I2C interface and micro-controller code available for integration into a device.
  • Arduino and DAQ Software to begin collecting data right out of the box.
  • Custom designed solutions available for OEM applications.