PPS partners with Red Bull to introduce the world’s first tactile insole for surfing

This wearable sensor technology empowers world-class surfers to improve their performance

Los Angeles, CA (December 5, 2014) – Pressure Profile Systems, Inc. (PPS) today announced the successful development of the world’s first tactile pressure insole capable of withstanding the challenging conditions of surfing, while providing high-performance, reliable pressure data.  

Capturing foot pressure information is a challenging task even for casual wear due to the constant pounding and stress on an insole in addition to the wide range of forces being applied. Adding the demanding requirements of surfing along with operating the sensors in the ocean makes this task even more challenging.

Red Bull High Performance recently initiated the Surf Science project to advance technologies that empower surfers to not only collect data while surfing but also gain insights that may improve their performance. Red Bull approached PPS, a world leader in providing tactile sensing solutions, to integrate tactile insoles into surf booties and collect pressure data during surfing runs.

PPS went through multiple design iterations to develop a waterproof sensor rugged enough to meet the demanding requirements of surfing while maintaining quality pressure data. Red Bull engineers provided valuable feedback for how to best integrate the tactile insoles without interfering with surfers’ techniques, and supported the industrial design for housing the electronics that was used to capture pressure data.

“I always knew our engineering team was talented and capable of overcoming technical challenges so I am proud that ‘we made the impossible possible’ according to Red Bull High Performance Technologist Brandon Larson.” said Dr. Jae Son, CEO of PPS.

PPS sensors were recently featured by Red Bull sponsored surfers at their Surf Science technology camp in Mexico and used by World Champion Mick Fanning in a session at Lower Trestles. PPS’ rugged waterproof design captured and stored about two hours of surfing data and provided a unique view into how world-class elite surfers use their feet to control the board. The data gives valuable insight as no matter what surfers do with their body, the only way they control the board is through their feet.

“Technology is another tool we can use in a series of things to work toward higher performance in surf.” says Brandon Larson, from the Red Bull High Performance team “PPS’s accomplishment in developing the tactile pressure insoles is nothing short of remarkable and will help us analyze surfing at a deeper level than before.”

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