Pressure Profile Systems, Inc. (PPS) provides innovative tactile sensing solutions that push the boundaries of tactile sensing technology. PPS's mission is to leverage and enhance capacitive tactile sensing technology to develop innovative, meaningful products that harness the sense of touch for medical devices, robotics, ergonomics, automotive applications, and industrial and consumer products.

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What sets PPS apart?

  • Unique sensor technology with advantages of design flexibility, sensitivity, and stability
  • Skillful engineering team with expertise in custom sensor design and hardware and software integration
  • Proven track record in overcoming technical challenges
  • Experience with US and International regulatory bodies and practices (FDA, CE, UL, CSA, CMDCAS, CGMP, etc.)
  • Core patent protection with 11 patents issued and 5 pending in the US and internationally


Flexible and Conformable Capacitive Tactile Sensors from R&D to Commercialization

by FOUNDER DR. JAE SON at NorthEastern University


Dr. Jae Son, a world leading expert for tactile sensing technologies founded PPS in 1996 to leverage and enhance capacitive tactile sensing technology for developing innovative, meaningful products that harness the sense of touch.

1996-1999: Core Technology Development

PPS technology was developed with the help of government grants, including the Defense Advanced Research Agency, the Army Research Lab, and the National Institute of Health. Other elements of our technology, such as our discrete tactile sensing pads, were developed through industry and university collaborations.

1999-2002: Applied Research & Development

PPS technology capabilities were expanded through project collaboration with innovative organizations such as NASA, MIT and Schick-Wilkinson Sword. New developments included increased software capabilities, faster scan-rates and new sensor material capabilities

2002: Commercial Technology Development

PPS began to apply its innovative sensor technology to products and applications where customers needed to capture contact pressure distribution. Over the past decade, using its unique sensor technology, PPS has been providing the “sense of touch” to products and tools used for their development in medical devices, robotics, ergonomics and automotive applications, as well as industrial and consumer products.

2002-2005: Spun-Off Two Medical Device Companies

PPS spun-off two medical device companies: Sierra Scientific Instruments (SSI) and Medical Tactile (MTI), where PPS sensor technology is the backbone of their products. SureTouch Breast Exam from MTI is a non-invasive, FDA-cleared medical exam without radiation that not only painlessly captures, amplifies, documents and visualizes masses as small as 5mm. Manoscan from SSI empowers physicians to evaluate how well the muscles in the esophagus work to transport liquids or food from the mouth into the stomach.

2008: Spun-Off Consumer Electronics Company

PPS founded Impress, Inc. Impress’ breakthrough  technology, 3D Tactile Input, is based on internal measurement principles, enabling ultra-thin tactile sensors from PPS that seamlessly integrates into displays or touch surface assemblies and greatly expands the capabilities of touch-based interfaces.

2009: SSI Acquired by Given Imaging for $35M

Given Imaging, a global leader in patient-friendly GI diagnostic and monitoring solutions, acquired SSI for $35 million.

2010: GoSmart, Inc. Another PPS Incubated Company

GoSmart, Inc. was founded by Dr. Son to develop and market useful travel aids and consumer accessories for smart mobile devices.

2015: PPS Expands into Europe

PPS UK, was founded by Dr. Jae Son and Dr. Gordon Dobie to exploit EU opportunities.   In collaboration with the University of Strathclyde, PPS have created a new R&D centre that will develop exciting new pressure sensing technologies.

2008to Date: Launch of Embedded tactile sensor based products

PPS sensor technology was embedded into several products from its customers giving them a “sense of touch”:

  • PPS partnered with eSoles, a supplier of high-performance, custom insoles, to design and produce the world's most advanced 3D foot scanning kiosk.

  • A new health watch embedded with PPS pulse sensors technology, the jWatch, was launched.

  • BarrettHands incorporating PPS sensors are now commercially available.

  • PPS technology was adapted by LG mobile for their BL-20 phone and was produced at more than 1M units.