In 2008, PPS founded a subsidiary called Impress, with the mission to transform existing 2D touchscreen input paradigm and establish 3D force input as the future of touch input technology. 

Impress’ breakthrough technology, 3D Tactile Input (3DTI), is based on internal measurement principles, enabling ultra-thin tactile sensors that seamlessly integrate into displays or touch surface assemblies and greatly expands the capabilities of touch-based interfaces.

3DTI combines high-resolution force sensing with position input to enable powerful new user experiences for applications, games, and user interfaces while ensuring interoperable functionality regardless of device size or form factor. 

All 3DTI solutions provide an ultra-thin, multi-element, capacitive-based force input capability that offers numerous benefits that help device manufacturers distinguish themselves from their competitors in the market. 

Panasonic Smart Phone Concept

3D Tactile Input (3DTI) Devices

Force Sensitive Touchscreen


It will be our pleasure to partner with it to embed our tactile sensor technology into your products through development and licensing/manufacturing services.


  • We will integrate our sensor solutions into your prototypes.
  • We will also consult on sensor design, integration, and testing.
  • Manufacture and supply logistics of prototypes per customer requirements.


  • PPS can either license its OEM solutions directly to you.
  • Or we utilize our strategic manufacturing partners to produce our sensors.

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The following list covers the numerous benefits 3DTI may offer to device manufacturers:


3DTI adjusts not just to your environment, but to you yourself.

Variable Threshold

  • Current Devices: Touchscreens react to the slightest touch or even close proximity, which can lead to accidental activation.
  • 3DTI Benefit: 3DTI lets users set activation force thresholds based on their preferences.

Intelligent Threshold Adaptation 

  • Current Devices: Mobile devices are prone to errors when operated in high-vibration environments such as when walking or riding a train.
  • 3DTI Benefit: 3DTI enables automatic adjustment of the required activation force based on environmental vibrations.

3DTI allows single-handed operation and reduces the number of gestures required to access the desired data more quickly.

Force-Sensitive Scroll

  • Current Devices: To scroll through a large list in mobile devices, users must apply repetitive swipe gestures or use hold-and-wait features. 
  • 3DTI Benefit: 3DTI users apply force with one finger to increase and decrease scroll speed until the desired item is reached.

Force-Sensitive Pan & Zoom

  • Current Devices: Using multi-touch gestures to pan and zoom is very difficult to perform with one hand while holding the device.
  • 3DTI Benefit: 3DTI lets users pan and zoom using one thumb in a unified gesture, thus allowing single-handled operation.

3DTI enables a variety of unique, intuitive interactions that “just make sense” and are a pleasure to use.

Text Selection

  • Current Devices: Users must make multiple gestures and wait to indicate mode, show location, and choose action.
  • 3DTI Benefit: A lighter touch determines position and heavier touch selects text in a much more intuitive manner.

Touch Preview

  • Current Devices: Users must have correct location before touching a button.
  • 3DTI Benefit: 3DTI users can rest finger on screen for stability and receive visual feedback for active button before clicking.

Force-Sensitive Gaming Inputs

  • Current Devices: Currently, touchscreens do not have an intuitive way to capture a user’s intensity or power for gaming inputs.
  • 3DTI Benefit: 3DTI-enabled games allow a user to press harder to jump higher, run faster, hit harder, or shoot farther.

Universal Input

  • Current Devices: Current touchscreens can only be operated by a conductive object, such as a bare finger or a specialized stylus.
  • 3DTI Benefit: 3DTI allows interaction with devices using any sort of object, such as a gloved hand or a retracted pen.