Case Study: Capacitive Tactile Sensors In Robotics

The development of RoboTouch sensor technology began in a robotics lab in the early 1990’s with a dream to give robots the “Sense of Touch”. Today, after years of refinement of the sensor design and digital interfaces, RoboTouch sensors are ready to be integrated into every robotic gripper in the market today.

The RoboTouch patented capacitive tactile sensing technology is the highest performance embedded tactile sensing technology for giving industrial and consumer robotic grippers or Humanoid robots the “sense of touch”. 


It is based on Digitacts sensor technology that features embedded digital output ideal for OEM integration into the gripper. The sensors comprise of multiple sensing pads, each typically with 12-24 sensing elements, which can be placed on any location of choosing in the gripper. Data from sensors are transferred to grippers via I²C or SPI digital interfaces, enabling you to easily integrate the sensors into your grippers.

After years of proven successes of working with many robotics gripper companies we encourage you to partner with PPS and benefit from...

  • The ability to give  your robot the “sense of touch” 

  • Providing your robot with the ability to manipulate delicate objects

  • Optimizing your grippers for low-power operation by minimizing grasping force

  • Collecting data using the most sensitive and repeatable tactile sensors for robotic applications 

  • The great flexibility of PPS customized sensor design patterns which can be molded to fit almost any gripper shape while keeping data quality intact.

  • Working with “The Company to go to” for embedding tactile sensors

  • into robotic grippers.


It will be our pleasure to partner with it to embed our tactile sensor technology into your products through development and licensing/manufacturing services.


  • We will integrate our sensor solutions into your prototypes.

  • We will also consult on sensor design, integration, and testing.

  • Manufacture and supply logistics of prototypes per customer requirements.


  • PPS can either license its OEM solutions directly to you.

  • Or we utilize our strategic manufacturing partners to produce our sensors.