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We develop tactile sensors for contact pressure measurement and mapping across many applications: product design to process optimization, and R&D. Over the past 20 years, our tactile sensor technology has delivered valuable information to countless organizations, engineers, researchers, and designers. Our tactile sensor systems stand out as the most sensitive, repeatable, and conformable on the market. Contact us for your most important sensing needs.

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What are tactile sensors?


Tactile sensing is the technology of mapping and measuring the contact mechanics between two objects. When searching for pressure measurement and mapping, you will come across two main technologies: capacitive sensors and resistive sensors. Resistive sensors work through measuring the resistance of a conductive material. Capacitive sensors are a newer technology and work through measuring the ability to store an electrical charge. Though more expensive to produce, capacitive sensors outcompete traditional resistive sensors in nearly every aspect including design flexibility, sensitivity, repeatability, and temperature stability. Tactile capacitive sensing, our specialty, represents the forefront of capacitive sensing.


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We are proud to comprise of an accomplished, diverse engineering team with over 20 years of experience developing innovative sensing solutions for complex problems. Applying our products in your research, design, and development processes gives you more data and insight, enabling you to build better products and improve project results. We have served more than 50 small to large companies in 4 countries across the globe. Our project portfolio spans body pressure mapping, medical devices, robotics, training simulations, and beyond. You can expect us to bring knowledge, precision, and quality at every step.