This page allows you to get pricing information for our Tire Tread Pressure Measurement System. 

Tire tread pressure measurement system display

All Tire Tread Pressure Measurement Systems include the following components:

  • One Tire Tread Sensor of chosen design
  • Signal conditioning electronics or USB 2.0 interface
  • Chameleon Visualization and Data Acquisition Software
  • Synchronized video capture function and hardware
  • Remote Installation and Training

The following table captures all available tire tread pressure mapping sensor designs. To view images of these designs, click on the purple sensor model numbers below. 

Sensor Model
Sensor Size (mm)
Spatial Resolution (mm)
Thickness (mm)
Material Electrical Interface
5491 192 x 160
4 x 4
75 or 150
7.6 Industrial USB 2.0
5370 300 x 200
4.7 x 3.125
75 or 150 0.35 Industrial USB 2.0