Tactile Sensing Technology Advances Pulse Monitoring Health Watch

Flexible and sensitive tactile sensor captures pulse waveforms from multiple pulse points

Los Angeles, October 4, 2011 - Pressure Profile Systems, Inc. (PPS) introduces a flexible sensor, the PulseTact, with multiple tactile pressure-sensing elements for reliably and accurately detecting pulse waveforms. The PulseTact was developed for medical researchers and product developers to provide a simple, non-invasive means of capturing high-fidelity pulse waveform data. Existing systems are limited either to simply capturing a pulse rate or requiring cumbersome equipment. This highly sensitive sensor, with acquisition rates of up to 100Hz, eliminates the need for a chest-strap and has the ability to capture pulse waveforms at multiple pulse points.

With the recent joint efforts by Chinese and American scientists, a health watch embedded with PPS pulse sensor was developed. The jWatch by JXJ Technologies assists in daily health care management for the growing elderly population and cardiovascular patients in China. The jWatch uses the PPS PulseTact sensors to provide real-time data which is automatically uploaded to a healthcare network for monitoring and analysis.

“Through the product jWatch, the company guides the whole nation successfully into an era of health protection” says Dr. Jiannan Xiang, CEO of JXJ Technologies.

“We are excited that a pulse watch was developed using the PulseTact. We envision that it can be integrated into many other medical and fitness monitoring devices,” says Dr. Jae Son, CEO of Pressure Profile Systems.

PPS's pulse waveform solution uses the DigiTacts technology, which features digital output in an embeddable design suitable for mass production. PPS can custom develop pulse sensing for various applications with a variety of sensor layouts and probe designs, and customers can use PPS’ API to integrate pulse measurement into their system for product development.

The PulseTact Evaluation System provides several advantages:

• Non-invasive system for capturing high-fidelity pulse waveform data without precisely positioning the sensor

• Highly sensitive with acquisition rates up to 100Hz

• The first multi-element sensor used for health monitoring

• Broad range of sensor design options

• Eliminates the need for a chest-strap

• SPI or I2C serial digital interface for OEM integration

The PulseTact Evaluation System is available for purchase now. PPS offers custom pulse sensor configurations to meet varying customer requirements, in particular for OEM applications. For a demonstration of the PulseTact Evaluation System or any other systems, please call +1.310.641.8100 or email info@pressureprofile.com.

About Pressure Profile Systems

Pressure Profile Systems, Inc. (PPS) is a leading tactile pressure sensor company that has successfully created products and implemented measurement and instrumentation solutions in the fields of Manufacturing Processes, Medical Devices, Consumer Electronics, and Robotics. Founded in 1996 by Harvard University Robotics Lab alumni and based in Los Angeles, California, PPS’ mission is to improve, innovate, and create new products utilizing capacitive pressure sensing technology. What sets PPS apart from other sensor companies is our expertise in hardware and software development and system integration. For more information, please visit http://www.pressureprofile.com/.

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