PPS Introduces the IC Bonding Sensor System

High-resolution temperature-compensated tactile sensor operates at high temperatures while providing quantifiable real-time pressure distribution information.
July 27, 2011 (Los Angeles) - Pressure Profile Systems, Inc.(PPS) is pleased to introduce the IC Bonding Sensor System, a high-resolution tactile sensor that captures the dynamic force/pressure distribution over a contact surface area during electrical bonding processes. 

The IC Bonding Sensor System provides a dynamic pressure measurement solution for various 
applications where monitoring bonding processes is critical at high temperatures to ensure precise alignment and pressure uniformity. Anisotropic Conductive Film (ACF) bonding processes such as flat screen (e.g. LCD) assembly and IC bonding (to PCB) can benefit from using PPS' IC Bonding Sensor System. The PPS system collects dynamic force/pressure data needed for quantitative and repeatable alignment in environments where there are a great deal of thermal and pressure transients.

"What makes PPS' IC Bonding Sensor System unique is its ability to operate at high temperatures while still providing quantitative and repeatable alignment information in comparison to static images that are provided by disposable pressure sensitive prescale films, which are the commonly used now." explains Founder and CEO Jae Son, Ph.D.

The IC Bonding Sensor System provides the following advantages:
· Dynamic real-time visualization for adjustment and alignment of bonding processes
· Thermal compensation for accurate data collection
· Industrial construction for conditions involving high temperatures and high pressures
· Accurate quantitative system that can be integrated into the bonding machine

System Components:
· One IC Bonding Tactile Sensor with 1.5 m cable
· Embedded thermocouple inside the sensor for managing temperature transients
· T4000 interface electronics for USB connection to PC
· Chameleon TVR software for real-time visualization and data acquisition
· API for integration into Windows-based software

The IC Bonding Sensor System and other PPS tactile sensors are available now. For a demonstration or for more information about the IC Bonding Sensor System, please visit www.pressureprofile.com or contact Huan Tran at 310.641.8100.

About PPS
Pressure Profile Systems, Inc. (PPS) is a leading tactile pressure sensor company that has 
successfully created products and implemented measurement and instrumentation solutions in the fields of Manufacturing Processes, Medical Devices, Consumer Electronics, and Robotics. Founded in 1996 by Harvard University Robotics Lab alumni and based in Los Angeles, California, PPS' mission is to improve, innovate, and create new products utilizing capacitive pressure sensing technology. What sets PPS apart from other sensor companies is our expertise in hardware and software development and system integration.

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