Qmed Medical Supplier Directory Features PPS Webcast

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As interesting and compelling as we find tactile sensing here at PPS, we recognize that it’s a complex technology that many people have not had the chance to work with. In this blog, we’ve done our best to provide useful articles the demonstrate a variety of examples of how tactile sensing can be used and how you can go about implementing it in your own projects.

So we were very pleased when Qmed, the leading directory of qualified suppliers for the medical device industry, recently featured a webcast on tactile sensing for medical applications that was sponsored by PPS and delivered by our CTO, David Ables.

The 20-minute webcast, Capturing the Sense of Touch: Advantages of Tactile Sensing in Medical Applications, uses real-world examples — some of which have been featured on this blog — to demonstrate how tactile sensing can be used in medical applications. The webcast includes the following topics:

  • Fundamentals of tactile sensing
  • Tradeoffs among different tactile sensing technologies
  • Types of tactile instrumentation for R&D
  • Enabling advanced medical devices based on tactile sensors
  • Examples of successful medical tactile sensing projects

The webcast is now available on-demand, so use the following link to register, view the presentation, and start thinking about you can use tactile sensing in your medical application!

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