Today, PPS is considered the world leader for embedding tactile sensors into medical devices.

By utilizing our OEM sensor solutions for your medical products you get to….

  • Successfully embed PPS tactile sensors, which are the most repeatable and sensitive in the market today, into your medical devices.

  • Partner with a team of specialists in hardware and software integration.

  • Benefit from flexible sensor designs that can be customized to fit almost any complex medical device shape without compromising data quality.

  • Develop your medical products with team of experts in U.S. and international regulatory bodies and practices.

  • Work with engineers with proven track records in designing tactile sensors for medical device applications.

We invite you to partner with us today.  We can help you develop your next successful medical product!

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PPS’s design, engineering, and orchestration of other high-tech partners to develop and realize this breakthrough multi-dimensional system was nothing short of remarkable.
— -Glen Hinshaw, Founder of eSoles


It will be our pleasure to partner with it to embed our tactile sensor technology into your products through development and licensing/manufacturing services.


  • We will integrate our sensor solutions into your prototypes.
  • We will also consult on sensor design, integration, and testing.
  • Manufacture and supply logistics of prototypes per customer requirements.


  • PPS can either license its OEM solutions directly to you.
  • Or we utilize our strategic manufacturing partners to produce our sensors.

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Medical OEM Solutions from PPS

User Stories

Application: Breast Cancer Detection
Product: SureTouch Digital Breast Exam
Partner: Medical Tactile, Inc. (MTI)


  • Mammogram is controversial because of radiation exposure and false positives.

  • There is a need for better breast cancer detection.


  • MTI partnered with PPS to develop the SureTouch medical device.

  • SureTouch uses PPS sensors embedded in a handheld probe, which when pressed against the breast, senses tissue elasticity and detects pressure from cancerous lumps.

  • Information is converted, via digital signal, into a 3-D digital map that reveals lesions.  


  • SureTouch is a non-invasive, FDA-cleared medical exam without radiation

  • It painlessly captures, amplifies, documents, and visualizes masses as small as 5mm and is far more sensitive than a medical clinician.

  • More than 200,000 women have been accurately screened to date around the world.

Application: Pulse and Blood Pressure Measurements
Product: jWatch
Partner: JXJ Technologies (JXJ)


  • Blood pressure and pulse measurements feature extremely low pressures. 
  • Traditional blood pressure measurement methods are bulky & cumbersome to use.


  • JXJ needed a solution for measuring pulse and blood pressure in a health watch.
  • They partnered with PPS to develop a watch embedded with PPS pulse sensors. 
  •  PPS sensors do not require chest straps, enabling a watch that more-closely resembles stylish accessories rather than healthcare monitoring devices.


  • PPS pulse sensors measure low blood pressures accurately and quickly. 
  • Embedded in the watchband, PPS sensors detect pressures exerted by the artery. 
  • Data collected is used to create a detailed waveform of the entire pulse-pressure wave, which is analyzed for signs of health issues like hypertension. 
  • The jWatch currently assists in daily health care management for the growing elderly population and cardiovascular patients in China.

Tactile Sensor for Breast Cancer Detection Device

Tactile Pressure Pulse Sensor

Application: Gastrointestinal Imaging
Product: ManoScan™ System for Esophageal Manometry
Partner: Sierra Scientific Instruments, Inc.


  • Conventional motility catheters featured only four to six pressure sensors, and the information they relayed was not particularly precise or easy to interpret.

  • Doctors could make very limited conclusions about the esophagus performance.


  • PPS partnered with SSI to develop a custom motility catheter that incorporated 36 multiplexed circumferential pressure sensors.  

  • The resulting ManoScan 360 is a 36-element catheter system that collects information about esophageal performance in much greater detail than was previously possible.


  • ManoScan provides a spatial resolution of nearly 10 times that of its predecessors.

  • Physicians have an easy-to-understand view of how the esophagus is functioning from the inside. Isolating and diagnosing problems has become much simpler.

  • Given Imaging Ltd eventually acquired SSI for $35 million.

Application: Self-Serve Foot Scanning
Product: 3D TruCapture® Automated Custom Insoles
Partner: eSoles, LLC


  • eSoles, a supplier of high-performance custom insoles, turned to with PPS to design the world's most advanced 3D foot scanning kiosk for retail environment. 
  • The challenge was to find a simple automated way to determine the appropriate eSoles components from the over 1,500 possible combinations.


  • PPS developed a large, high-speed tactile mat to capture foot pressure information, and combined this with a custom, 3D white light scanner to capture foot geometry. 
  • Advanced algorithms were created to examine this data, determine key anatomical features, and recommend the most appropriate insole components.


  • The development of the state-of-the-art, self-serve foot imaging kiosk was led by the PPS engineering team.
  • It delivers leading performance at a lower cost than going to a foot specialist.

Tactile Pressure Sensors for Esophageal Manometry Catheter

PPS Developed a Self Serve Foot Scanning Kiosk